• Cmt 814.064.11, 1/8
Cmt 814.064.11, 1/8

Cmt 814.064.11, 1/8" Router Round Nose Bit

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Personalize your doors, drawer fronts, panels or any surface you choose with your own signature motif

A favorite item for professional sign makers, craft makers and hobbyists

CMT round nose bits in solid carbide or with carbide tipped flutes let you create engraving in any wood or wood product

For even more elaborate decorations, we also offer top bearing bits - use your own template with one of these bits to produce truly unique doors and drawer fronts

Mounted on your router table, you can work materials up to 31, 7mm in depth

Shop tips more than one pass is recommended when making cove edges

To prevent splintering, begin with a shallow initial pass and deepen gradually.

We offer a complete selection of diameters and cutting depths so you can achieve the effects you want